Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii Vacation

With curving lava, rich agriculture and miles of beach-lined coast, Hawaiian identity is very strongly linked to key aspects of the state’s biggest landmass: the Island of Hawaii. Surrounded by thousands of miles of the Pacific Ocean, Hawaii has a sense of uniqueness expressed in its aloha spirit. A warm welcome is all but guaranteed as you arrive to experience all the delights of this tropical heaven.

The landscape of the island of Hawaii takes form in the great vine-laced forests of Puna and Kaʻū and the emerald valleys of the Hāmākua Coast manifesting in the sunburned deserts of the Kohala Coast, studded with a landscape of lava rock fields and dusty yellow grass. All of this land is the result of volcanic activity stemming from the shield volcanoes of Maunakea, Maunaloa, Hualālai, Kohala and Kīlauea.

Top Attractions in Hawaii

Akaka Falls

Half a mile through a tree-shaded, paved pathway and visitors to Akaka Falls State Park can begin to hear the distant roar of rushing water as it echoes through a deep cleft cut through this region of the Hamakua Coast.

Valleys of the Kings

A series of erosional valleys claw out the northeastern coast of the island of Hawaii. Two of these valleys, Pololū and Waipiʻo, can be viewed from their lookouts, which are vital to the culture of Native Hawaiians.

The desert of lava

The dry zone of the Kohala Coast is hot; a lava desert engraved with great veins of lava rock, the evidence of previous lava flows.

Kona coffee farms

With a predictable weather of sun-filled mornings, overcast or rainy afternoons and mild evenings, the west side of the Big Island is ideal for agriculture. Indeed, the beans grown in Kona yield some of the priciest coffee (with prices that can go as high as around 2000 rupees/- per 500 grams), so swing by one of the active coffee farms to see what all the fuss is about.

Graced by high mountains that shield the Pacific’s strong winds from the east, the west coast of the island features pristine, calm waters. Hawaii already well regarded by the diving community will unravel some of the most breath-taking views of the Pacific ocean combined with the thousands of experienced professional divers to guide you while diving gives the best diving and snorkeling conditions on any of the Hawaiian Islands.

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